Water Damage

Water Damage Highland Ranch Emergency Restoration

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Time is the most critical factor in dealing with a Denver water damage disaster. Every second that passes is another opportunity for water to sink deeper into carpets, walls, ceiling tiles and furnishings. The longer you wait to intervene in this process, the more damage your Highland Ranch property will incur. Whether the water is from a portable source like a broken pipe, roof leak or laundry overflow or from a backed up sewage mean, it should be dealt with immediately. Nasty pathogens like bacteria and mold thrive in standing water and past 48 Hours will require professional sterilization.


When you call the Highland Ranch emergency restoration team, we mobilize our emergency response units immediately, guaranteeing a quick response to prevent further damage to your property. With 24/7 availability and 60 minute response times, we leave the industry in timely water damage response.

When the Damage is Overwhelming

There are many ways water damage can occur on your highland ranch property. Some of the most common causes we see our flooding, leaking, broken pipes, and overflow of toilets appliances. Highland Ranch emergency restoration is a leader in the water damage repair industry in greater Denver and we’ve got the tools and technicians to handle your wet situation quickly.

Why Hire A Professional

Although it may be tempting to treat water damage yourself, there are many things hiring a professional can do for your property. As water sets, it infiltrates porous surfaces leading to a buildup of pathogens, odor and value-depreciating damages beneath the surface. If you ever sell your home or business and signs of undisclosed water damage appear, you may be held liable, even years after the sale. With Highland Ranch Emergency Restoration, you’re guaranteed a thorough inspection using the latest in moisture detection technology. We’ll make sure any lingering water is properly dealt with and disinfected.

We also inspect electrical components of your property affected by water to ensure a safe, hospitable environment for you, your family, or your customers.

Furthermore, we use eco-friendly solvents that cleanup lingering organisms that can lead to musty odor and future mold growth, while improving your building’s air quality with our HEPA grade air scrubbers.

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