Mold Remediation

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After experiencing water damage, Mold is an immediate concern. Even if you’re unaware of serious leaks or standing water problems, constant moisture under the right conditions can lead to a buildup of infectious molds. While many forms of molds are non-toxic, they can create problems with air quality, allergies and when untreated, even create structural problems in your building.Call the mold abatement experts at Highland Ranch Emergency Restoration for a laboratory-tested mold inspection and for emergency cleanup services.

If you’re dealing with a toxic form of mold, health risks include breathing issues, neurotoxicity, fever or even fatality. Those most susceptible to mold related health issues include children, the elderly and those with pre-existing respiratory issues.Even non-toxic molds pose a threat to those sensitive to mold spores. Spores are airborne, allergy-inducing organisms that lead to lingering mold odors and enter your lungs.

With the professional help of Highland Ranch Emergency Restoration, you’ll not only have the molds removed and disinfected, but you’ll also receive air quality treatments to capture spores and prevent future infection in other areas.

Only a certified professional can properly identify and treat molds present and your highland ranch home or business. Our team of experts are industry certified and licensed in every aspect of mold removal to guarantee proper recovery and prevention.

Emergency Service

With our mold removal teams available 24/7, you can get a an appointment that suits your needs for inspection, removal and testing. If you’re working with an insurance company, we offer deductible rebates up to $500 depending on the scope of the project and always offer direct-to-insurance billing to save you the hassle of filing yourself. And this is all part of the Highland Ranch Emergency Restoration customer service promise.

“Getting it right the first time, every time.”

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