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Sewer Repair, Removal, Cleanup

Sewer damage can be one of the worst things to happen at your Colorado home or office. Black water, or water infected with bacteria and pathogens  requires specialized cleaning and should be left to the professionals. All you need to do is call the Highland Ranch emergency restoration Team and we’ll be onsite in under 60 minutes to help.

It is critical for the safety of you and your buildings occupants that Sewer damage is treated using proper techniques and procedures to eliminate the threat of wastewater contamination.

Highland Ranch Emergency Restoration Professionals have years of experience dealing with this form of damage and are ready to get to work for you, undoing the damage of sewer water.

Timing is critical.

Is every second pass is after a serious sewer water contamination of that, water extraction and for restoration become more difficult. That’s why the moment you notice septic water in your Highlands Ranch property, you should seek professional help immediately. The building that is treated quickly will experience… Significantly less loss than one that is left several hours without treatment. The Highland Ranch emergency restoration team is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week and can be at your highland ranch home in less than 60 minutes.

We work hard to stop water at the source, whether it be a leaking sewer line or a toilet overflow. Once water is removed we thoroughly dry contaminated areas and sanitize. During the sterilization process, we’ll be sure to treat any surfaces that may have come into contact with contaminants including walls, carpets, wood flooring, furnishings, upholstery or personal belongings that are salvageable.

Call the sewage cleanup professional at Highland Ranch Emergency Restoration today at  (720) 278-7892 or use our convenient online form.